JT Sprockets


JT Sprockets are used by Road, Endurance, and Motocross race teams worldwide. All of them depend on the excellent quality and wide range of gear ratios offered by our sprockets.

We offer multiple levels of support to riders active in any level of competition. See our rider support page for more information.

JT Sponsored Teams

  • Anders Lilja Racing

    Scandinavian Superbike Championship

  • IWR / Quay Garage Racing

    British Superbike Championship

  • JG Speedfit Kawasaki Racing

    British 1000cc Superstock Championship

  • Martin Barr Racing

    British MX Championship

  • MTM Racing

    European Superstock

  • PR Kawasaki

    British Superbike Championship

  • Rob Hooper Racing

    British MX Championship

  • Solberg Racing

    Scandinavian Superbike Championship, Nordic Superbike Championship

  • Splitlath Redmond Aprilia

    British Superbike Championship, Isle of Man TT

  • Team Schmidinger

    MX3 World MX GP Championship, ADAC MX Masters

  • Team After Dark

    Ducati 848 Challenge

  • Pauls Jonas

    Competing in European Motocross Championship, ADAC Cup


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